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Garden - June 2020June 2020 - May 2020 was very dry, hot and very sunny. June 2020 so far it's turning out to be a standard British Summer with some spells of rain stop play already. The Plum tree was dead and I'm slowly removing the branches and the trunk. I'm going to get some stump remover in September with maybe a new Plum or Cherry tree next Spring. Ripe Strawberries arrived just before the 01st of June and I'm having one or two every night. The garden which I was going to cover in weedkiller is now full of Potatoes, those I did not dig up last year are now coming back to feed me. Lots of Spring Onions, Onions, Tomatoes and Cucumber are well on the way to be providing my tea. Slightly less locked down.


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Thicker Socks to Penarth - 28/05/19

#mb09 – Day 04 – Sour Sunday - 26/05/19

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#mb09 – Day 01 – Politics and a Smock - 23/05/19

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