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April 2021 - The weather in March was all over the place, including the hottest days of the year so far. There was also frosts and some very rainy days. The lawn was patched and despite it saying germination with four days it took a fortnight. My Strawberry plants are rather sparse, so new ones are on order. I was hoping to put them in over Easter but they haven't arrived, which is just was well as the overnights have been rather cold and getting colder and frostier. I have 22 McCain Premiere First Early seed Potatoes in, both in containers and bags. The rest are currently waiting to go in due to the impending frosty weather. Looks like it will be mid April before they go in. However, the holes for them in the garden have been dug and it will just be a question of popping them in, covering them and giving them a good watering. Much planting as soon as the weather turns warmer.  

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